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It is fascinating how new products are created when people with the same passion come together. That is was happened to us in 2021.

Combining each other’s strengths with decades of expert knowledge, we look forward to sharing with you the best Scotland has to offer: its countryside, culture, language, food, but above all, its legendary drinks.

It's all about the experience

Crowns International

An exclusive global network dedicated to empowering women in leadership is Keshia's dream come true. The monthly think tanks with female leaders in business and academia aim to create tangible change through close-knit collaboration.

Goverde Exclusive

Coming from a family business in personal transport since 1934, Dennis has extended the luxury VIP transport component with the same family values and traditions, resulting in being one of the biggest private personal transport companies in the province.


With a background in Tourism, a master's in English and two awards in private education, Elske has a passion for teaching and raising awareness. Having designed and executed over 20 international tours all over the world, she loves to tailor themed trips so as to create experiences that will last a lifetime.